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Law Firm History

In 1972, Robert B. Staats opened the doors of 229 McKenzie Avenue, the present site of Staats, White, and Grabner. Mr. Staats demanded that each attorney working for him display a diligent commitment to the study of law. He knew that hard work was the best way to ensure excellent legal representation for their clients and build a reputation as trusted and knowledgeable legal advocates. Mr. Staats was fond of saying that ìanyone taking on a case against a lawyer from 229 McKenzie is in for a fight.î Aggressive, creative, smart and ethical representation has always been the goal of the attorneys working in this office.

James H. White, Jr. joined Mr. Staats and Michael C. Overstreet at 229 McKenzie Avenue in 1981. Michael C. Overstreet left the firm in 1991 and is now a Circuit Court Judge for the 14th Judicial Circuit. Mr. Staats retired in 2000. Although Mr. Staats has retired, the firm still bears his name in recognition of his contribution to the practice of law at 229 McKenzie Avenue.

Michael E. Grabner joined James H. White at 229 McKenzie Avenue in 2003. Mr. Grabner has been a partner in the law firm since 2006.

14th Judicial Circuit. Click to enlarge.

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